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Genocide in Darfur and Bosnia

Before we discuss the merits of each of the tragedies that occurred in Darfur and in Bosnia first a brief definition of what Genocide exactly is. Genocide in the encyclopedia is defined as international crimes were individual or a group attempts to exterminate a religious group, race or ethnicity. These crimes can be done through many different avenues; such as rape, murder, and the destroying of the very cultures itself. The League of Nations defined this during World War II when the Nazi committed their vicious atrocities towards the Jewish people, in 1951 this was ratified.
First we will focus on the crisis that occurred in the region of Sudan. Darfur is located directed bellow Egypt. The populous of this area is multi racial it consists of Arabic, Massalit and Fur people. In 2003 Groups like the Sudan liberation movement and the justice equality movement attempted attacks directed towards military, at this time militias collaborated with government under the control of President al-Bashir. At this time the militia also known as the janjaweed had go ahead to directly attack specific ethnic groups who gave assistance and backing to these groups
Eventually after media discovered the happenings a “serious humanitarian problem” was discovered due to the millions of displaced and targeted peoples. There are around 4.7 million individuals who are affected by the attacks, rapes and pure terror inflicted by the hands of the Sudanese government.

Child slain by the Janjaweed


As we turn towards the atrocities that transpired between the Bosnian people and the Serbians. The genocide that occurred through the murder and mass rapes of the Bosnian people came from a strained and stressful relationship with the Serbian people who wished to create a unified “greater Serbia” by taking villages of Serbs that belonged to the Bosnian region and succeeding. When the death of leader The Simply known as Tito the Communist, The bottom fell out; Serbian people wished to become independent this the struggle for this goal would soon became violent.

The EU at
tempted to stage dialogue but with no avail, The United Nations chose not to intervene in this matter spare first aid and other humanitarian aid. Soon The Serbian army took control over Bosnia quite easily due to previous matters that left the country with an arms embargo. Soon Serbs would be under control over more than half of the country. Violence first erupted when safe areas created by the UN were taken over and was “culturally cleansed”.

Soon the acts committed such as multiple rapes housed in rape and death camps and other crude devices were forced upon the people; men were separated from the women and women away from children.
And much psychological abuse was installed into the hearts of these people.